Since the release of debut album Mindfilming in 2004, Captain Wilberforce have garnered plaudits from friends of the band like Huey Morgan and Tom Robinson of BBC 6 music, and Dermot O’Leary who invited the band to record a prestigious Saturday Session in 2012.

Fronted by Leeds-based songwriter /singer Si Bristoll Captain Wilberforce create instantly memorable melodies chock full of hooks and harmonies, taking influence from the last 50 years of pop.


Captain Wilberforce songs have been used in various TV programmes on HBO, ITV and the Fashion Channel, and have played the main stage at Galtres Festival.

Captain Wilberforce are Si Bristoll - Vocals / Guitars, Carl Banks - Drums, Rob Simpson - Guitar, Dave Naylor - Bass.  

Their new album, "When The Dust Just Won't Settle" is released on 1st May 2020 via  They will be playing gigs to support the launch - please check listings for details.



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“Instantly memorable tunes… 4 stars”
Terry Staunton, Uncut Magazine
“Packed with memorable riffs, soaring melodies and even a few surprises this is a remarkably confident album...4/5”
Rock'n'Reel Magazine
“Timeless, inventive and peerless songcraft”
Across the Universal
“There's a heavy Elvis Costello influence behind the songs of Simon Bristoll, singer/songwriter with Leeds combo Captain Wilberforce. The acidic tone of his critiques sit well within the deceptively cheery pop arrangements, and the focus on fractured relationships mines a productive vein of emotional turmoil.”
The Independent
“ Chock full of raw and infectious slices of harmonic pop, [Mindfilming] buzzes with crunching guitars and killer choruses. Bottom line, song after well-crafted song and melody after infectious melody that should be more than just casually appealing to the majority of folks out there!”
“There's not a duff track here, but special attention should really be directed at the title track which is both reminiscent of and as good as anything on Sgt Pepper”
Net Rhythms
“The Beatles - and McCartney in particular - influence remains evident on lilting opener Beautiful Waste of Time, Los Angeles and Me And Your Mother (Before You Were Born), but there's an edgier touch too, evident on In Hell with its atmospheric Radiohead touches”
“ Mixing rock, folk, and pop conventions with an edgy ease (and doing so in the 16-minutes-a-side whirlwind pace of the ’60s vinyl era), Captain Wilberforce crafts darkly beautiful three-minute gems”
Amplifier Magazine (USA)
“Full of great melodies, ample hooks and compelling lyrics, Captain Wilberforce’s ‘Black Sky Thinking’ is a wonder to hear”
Powerpop News
“This is songwriting on par with Neil Finn, Elvis Costello and Andy Partridge”
“This record is a rollercoaster ride, a contrast of atmospheres and emotions, killer melodies and classic song writing.”
“ Each song is brightly polished, alluring, fuzzy pop gem waiting to be discovered”
“Takes us back to a 1979 where clever songwriting craftsmen like Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe were turning up the distortion and recasting their Beatles inspired songcraft as New Wave”
Uncut Magazine
“…In an alternative reality, [Simon Bristoll] would be the one with million-selling albums to his name”
Fatea Magazine
“ A stunningly accomplished collection of classic pop that wears its Beatles and Brian Wilson influences on its sleeve but cuts the cloth to their very own shape”
“Dozens of singer-songwriter comparisons have been evoked in the literature but with "Ghost Written Confessions" we really don't need them. This collection shines with and stands on its own merit. It's not a "version" of anything or of anyone else.”
“Brendan Benson, Matthew Sweet, ELO, Starbelly, Velvet Crush, some Jellyfish, the pop-side of Radiohead`s "The Bends" and XTC all wrapped up a bit of glammy British swagger.”
““…there is a trio of ditties that, had Radiohead released them, would be lauded as the works of geniuses.”
“So let me put it simply: if Michael Penn or Jon Brion had grown up in Leeds instead of L.A., this is what they would sound like.”
“ Some of the breeziest, loveliest and catchiest pop songs since the summer of Britpop landed nearly ten years ago. It's full of beautifully layered harmonies, upbeat rhythms and some catchy as hell guitar riffs.”
“Like Tilbrook, Bristoll knows melody and has a refreshing appreciation for songwriting craft.”
Amplifier Magazine (USA)
“An absolute listening pleasure”
Tracks Magazine (Switzerland)
“ Yes, I like 'Mindfilming' - it's frighteningly good - it's an awesome piece of intelligent 'pop'. Although it has instant appeal it cleverly carries with it a great depth... that drags the listener right in and cries out to be listened to over and over. 'Mindfilming' is just superb!! Get it!!!”


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